Christine Lakin Hairstyles

Christine Lakin healthy shimmery hair
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Christine Lakin is an American actress, born January 25th, 1979. She is known for her roles as Alicia Lambert on Step by Step and as Joan of Arc on Reefer Madness.
Being a young woman with a healthy sense for fashion, Christine had her share of hairstyles, longer, shorter, up and down, with more or less curl and effects. She has the quintessential heart shaped face with a wider head and small chin section, which is adorable.
For this face shape however, not all haircuts are beneficial. To keep the balance the general rule is to boost volume where needed and to keep it low in areas that do not need any more attention.
For Christine this means that hairstyles of medium to shoulder length are ideal when they have a full or even better partial and textured fringe, no added volume on the crown or the upper sides, but a lot of movement, wispy flips, feathering, texture or curly action in the lower part of the hairstyle. Longer layered looks are a great choice as well as textured bobs.
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