Anna Friel's Updo

Anna Friel wearing her hair up
Photo by PR Photos
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Anna Friel has thick long hair and if you have this in common with Anna; there are various ways you can put it up, such as the massive knotty effect we can see in the pictures.
After washing and drying your hair, part it where you desire and then take your comb down from the end of the part on the top sectioning off the top and sides together. Take the back of the hair up and double it and fasten a band around the base while pulling out odd pieces of hair. If you will notice the hairstyle is over to the side in the back, make sure you bring it over a little bit.
Now take one of your sides and twist along the edges around the sides and fasten with a pin next to the base of the band. Do the same thing on the other side. This would look best if you first roll your hair to have the winding messy curls that are disheveled in the back.
Anna has a lot of freckles and uses a good amount of bronzing to promote her genuine beauty. Her brows are very natural and there are small amounts of dark shadow in the outer areas to concentrate on bringing her eyes upward, mascara, light subtle eyeliner on the bottom and light neutral lip color.
Back view of Anna Friel's up-style
Photo by PR Photos
On a scale of 1-5 with number 5 being the best, I'd say her grey dress could maybe stretch to be a 2. There are other shades of color that would look better on her, such as various shades of green, especially a jade or sage green and that would go even better with the gold necklace she is wearing. I've never seen gold worn with grey before, but then; anything goes for today.
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