Valerie Bertinelli's Hair

Valerie Bertinelli - Long hairstyle with round line for thick brown hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Valerie Bertinelli is a New Englander and was born on April 23, 1963 in Wilmington, Delaware. Valerie keeps her long thick brown hair in a smooth style with lovely large round lines that angle close to the bottom around her face.
The top has been blown over into a pouf that goes over her head meeting the other side. There are a few lighter levels of brown brought into her brown hair to give a natural example of someone who has spent sometime in the filtered sunshine, perhaps sitting under a tree.
Her make-up gives us thin tweezed eyebrows, light shadow, lashes, mascara, eyeliner, blush and neutral lip tint. Note how the eyeliner goes all the way into the centerfold of her eyes. This is to draw her eyes closer together. Oprah does this too.
Tip: For those who have wide set eyes, try drawing your eyeliner more into the inner creases of your eyes. You will see an immediate and remarkable difference.
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