Nicolette Sheridan's Hair

Nicollette Sheridan - Natural hairstyle with a ponytail
Photo by PR Photos
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Our Hollywood ladies often go to great lengths to achieve a natural look that isn't entirely natural. Take, for example, Nicollette Sheridan's hair, which has been lightened to a sandy platinum shade. It's hard to imagine her with any other color, considering her natural hair falls within the medium to dark blonde range. Thus, achieving this color is likely a breeze for her colorist.
She appears effortlessly natural. Her hairstyle is gathered at the back, allowing a few strands to escape from a ponytail. Only a small section at the front is parted, framing her face with smooth strands of hair.
Now, let's talk about her eyebrows. They require very few, if any, penciled-in strokes, as they have been brushed upward to create a more natural appearance, likely held in place with a bit of spray. Yes, we do spray our brows. Additionally, she wears lashes, dark brown mascara, a subtle smudge of eyeliner under the lower lashes, light blush, and a medium tawny lip tint.
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