Mario Lopez & Keshia Knight Pulliam Hair

Mario Lopez wearing his hair styled with gel
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez's dimples go right to the ladies hearts. No wonder he is Hollywood's upcoming rascal! Did you ever see this gent dance? He can make moves where you didn't think was possible.
Mario's smile definitely helps his good looks, but he also keeps a clean haircut clipped nicely around his ears, along the nape and enough hair on the top to wear it back or over.
A good thick gel will be all you need for this easy hairstyle. No need to blow dry, just rub the gel between your hands and comb through if you want the neat appearance like Mario's and you are ready to jet or maybe dance.
Keshia Knight Pulliam
Kesia Knight Pulliam with long straight hair
Keshia Knight Pulliam is wearing her hair in long choppy straight lengths, while her bangs are long and worked down over her brows and around her face. The spontaneity of the poufy bangs brings softness and a sexy appeal in her eyes. In other words, the bangs make the zap!
Tip: If you are seeking change but aren't quite ready for the full haircut, sometimes, all you need are a blast of bangs! Get some choppy bangs in there and watch how it will lighten and brighten up your whole countenance. When you put your hair back, you will still have the delightful fringe to lace around your eyes. Bangs are like jewelry, they dress your eyes up.
Kesia Knight Pulliam's hairstyle with long bangs
Keshia has heavy eyeliner, warm bronzing, mascara, light shadow and translucent lip tint. Because of Keshia's coloring, she no doubt would look more stunning in the warmer colors like Oprah Winfrey does. Oprah looks her most attractive in orange and yellows or lime greens, this is why she wears them the most. Dark and olive skins look best in the warm tropical colors.
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