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Wispy Feminine Updo

Marisa Tomei wearing her hair in a feminine updo
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Marisa Tomei in New york on October 4th, 2004.
The updo seen here on actress Marisa Tomei is a great look that would work for many occasions, including formal events. To get this look, pull hair back into a loose bun high at the back of the head. Next, pull down random sections of hair to create a wispy, feminine look.
Accentuate this simple hairstyle with some glamorous clothing or accessories. Here, Tomei uses a glittery top to add drama to the look, but striking jewelry would be another great option. The key is to keep the look balanced by emphasizing one bold element. For example, if you wear a vivid outfit, keep jewelry simple. If your jewelry is the focal point, choose fashions that are more muted.
Marisa Tomei wearing her hair up with a loose bun Simple upstyle with wispy sections - Marisa Tomei
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