Maria Sharapova's Hair

Maria Sharapova wearing her long hair in a simple style
Photo by PR Photos
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Maria Sharapova's approach to her hair can be summed up in one word: "simple." With a busy lifestyle, she opts for a no-fuss hairstyle that doesn't require hours in front of the mirror. Her long hair features a blend of multi-colored blondes and light reddish cinnamon browns, creating a remarkably appealing look.
Her hair is styled with a small, irregular side part, allowing a thin section to rest on her forehead, while the majority is combed over and tucked behind her ear. With naturally straight hair, Maria keeps it straight, likely because it's easier to maintain, especially when she's on the court.
MAdmire her close-up, and you'll notice Maria's commitment to natural beauty. Her makeup enhances her features subtly, and her unaltered eyebrows add a touch of genuineness and softness to her look. And that healthy tan is enviable!
Straight hairstyle for long hair - Maria Sharapova
Photo by PR Photos
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