Maria Sharapova's Hair

Maria Sharapova wearing her long hair in a simple style
Photo by PR Photos
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Maria Sharapova's one word for her hair has got to be "simple." When you are as busy as this celebrity, you do not need extravagance or have hours to stand in front of the mirror. Her long hair descends into the multi colored blondes and light reddish cinnamon browns and is remarkably appealing.
There is a small irregular side part that gives a thin portion of hair to lay upon her forehead, while the greater bulk has been combed over and then tucked under her hair on the side. Having naturally straight hair, Maria chooses to keep her hair straight; as it is probably easier for her to care for, especially when she is on the court doing her thing.
Much to be admired, if you will look a little bit closer, Maria Sharapova keeps her make-up in a natural feature and most of her bearing can be credited to her unaltered eyebrows. They not only give a genuineness, but a softness. And look at that healthy tan!
Straight hairstyle for long hair - Maria Sharapova
Photo by PR Photos
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