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Hillary Scott & Collette Wolfe

Hillary Scott - 04/05/2009
Hillary Scott with shoulder length hair
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Hillary Scott is wearing her hair in long layers shoulder length. Many thin slices of light brown and darker blonde have been skillfully paneled into her hair and we can see where the angled part brings over the top that dips over her brow. Hillary's hairstyle is a very simplistic informal hairstyle that can be worn by most people because the length is so versatile. You can wear it up, down or back in semi smoothness as pictured, straight or with a lot of curls.
Tip: If you are thinking about cutting your long hair, why not go to a medium fashion like Hillary's first and experiment with all of the things you can do with this lighthearted length? Better to go short gradually and enjoy each and every length, in that way you will know which l ength appeals to you the best.
Colette Wolfe - 04/06/2009
Collette Wolfe - Long hairstyle with tucked under hair on the side Side and back view of Collette Wolfe's long hairstyle
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Collette Wolfe portrays a California girl picture that so many blondes find appealing. Her long hair is styled in straight smooth sections with an angled part. The top is combed straightly over the forehead as if a hair band and tucked under the hair on her side and behind her ear. The other side also rides under the hair and over the ear as well. Pretty unique, wouldn't it be cute if she had a turquoise and orange band to go over her forehead with maybe a few dangly jewels to match? The band would help keep her hair in place and also put a little bit of zip in her hairstyle.
Collette has used quite a bit of bronzing for color, blue and dusky warm brown or taupe shadows, mascara, navy eyeliner, penciled brows, blush and neutral lip tint. Tip: when you are applying eyebrow pencil to your brows, brush them afterwards so they won't look drawn. When you are applying eyeliner, take your smudger or small pinky finger and smudge so they also won't look drawn. When you apply blusher, be sure and study your face first to see if you really are in need of a rosy color. Sometimes, all you might need is just a small touch of color in your temple area.