Liz McClarnon's Hair

Liz McClarnon - Long hairstyle with angled sides
Photo by PR Photos
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Many know Liz McClarnon as a British pop singer and member of the group Atomic Kitten. Her long creamy beige hair is cut in angles with texturized ends.
The bangs dip over her brows and into her pretty blue eyes. Her hair is blown dry until it is fluffy and straight to lie simply below her shoulders.
Liz is wearing heavy eyeliner, blue shadow, lashes, mascara, bronzing/blush and shimmering translucent lip tint. Her lovely platinum grey dress has a draw up in the center of the skirt with an attractive tulip edge. Her decorative dark and light beads are displayed well upon the grey background.
Liz McClarnon - Long textured hair with angles
Photo by PR Photos
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