Lizzy Caplan's Bob Hairstyle

Lizzy Caplan - Bob with the hair tucked behind one ear
Photo by PR Photos
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Lizzy Caplan looked radiant at the World Premiere of Ghostbusters on July 9th, 2016. Her hazel colored eyes harmonized well with her lovely caramel shade of brown hair color.
Lizzy’s bob hairstyle may look a bit disheveled but a lot of consideration was actually put into this hair style. The hair being tucked behind the ear, strategically shows off her earrings.
A hairstyle that has one side tucked behind the ear always looks more polished and put together when that is also accompanied by an off center part. Notice how the side that is tucked behind the ear is also the side that the hairline part favors.
This, Hairfinder friends, is the key to pulling off a tousled hairstyle without looking completely out of sorts. If the other side of the bob isn’t ruffled enough, simply apply a working wax to the ends for a wind-swept style, like Lizzy’s.
Lizzy Caplan hairstyles - Bob with an off center part
Photo by PR Photos
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