Zac Efron's Shag Haircut

Zack Efron wearing his hair in a roughed up shag
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You've heard the expression, "the eyes have it." It is no mistake that Zac Efron has gorgeous blue eyes that the girls positively swoon over. Look at Vanessa Hudgens in the second photo completely mesmerized over this heartbreaker.
His hair is worn in a roughed up shag that rides across his forehead in a customary straightness to join the rest of the hair that covers his ears. Some ends are seen flipping up, while others caress his face.
The back rides up with his natural curl all pointing toward his face. A quick blow dry will capture this hairstyle for you in a wink. When dry, just use your fingers to glide over your hair where you would like it.
Side view of Zack Efron's haircu
Photo by PR Photos
Vanessa Hudgens on the other hand is wearing her dark gypsy hairstyle in long lengths that plunge way below her shoulders. Yes, this could be a wig or even extensions. You never know in Hollywood. Her hair looks like it has been permed with the small dippy waves and gangling curls. Today, there are so many options in selecting a hairstyle, why not try them all?
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