Choppy Hair

Zelda Williams wears her hair centered in the middle and completely straightened and pointed in various directions (September 20th, 2006). The ends have been jagged and textured possibly with a razor to bring the coveted choppy look that is so popular today.
To apply this mid-length hairstyle for yourself, after you get this hair cut; be sure and use a lot of gel or lotion to blow dry your hair. Afterwards use a flat iron to smooth out the ends further and a little paste to take the time to place the ends where you desire. If you do not have paste, try your hairspray and then, immediately point the ends where you want them.
Choppy mid-length haircut - Zelda Williams Hairstyle with jagged ends - Zelda Williams Zelda Williams with razor cut hair Dress and hairstyle for a Zelda Williams look
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