Arlene Tur's Hair

Trendy long hairstyle with a center part and layers - Arlene Tur
Photos by PR Photos
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Arlene Tur's bright pink dance dress accents her brunette hair and brings a glow to her tanned skin. Her long hairstyle falls into the trendy pattern of today with the center part and layers blown dry to fluff below her shoulder area. Arlene has one side that rides over the hair just a bit, revealing a little more of her face, while the other side is set more inward.
Gloss is used to bring out the sheen and a good shake of the hair would bring the style into the slight unravel captured by the camera. In other words, you may look fairly neat with this coif, but not too primed. Idealistically, I would like to see her with her hair in a figure eight chignon in the nape with a few small threads of hair along the sides and perhaps one from the top. I can see where this could be a positive influence in her life.
Meanwhile, Arlene's pointy chin is a plus for her, as it promotes the shape of her oval face. Considering her natural make-up; she has the conventional eyeliner, lashes, shadow, bronzing/blush and a neutral lip tint. We are impressed that nothing too bold or outrageous is for Arlene.
Side view of a long hairstyle for a pointy chin - Arlene Tur
Photo by PR Photos
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