Asher Book's Short Hairstyle

Asher Book - Short party time haircut for men
Photo by PR Photos
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Asher Book is quite the scene stealer with his winning smile that was seen by everyone at the "This is it" Premiere in Hollywood.
Asher's hairstyle goes along with his nonchalant personality; it is cropped closely in the back and around his ears. The top isn't quite as short and with some conditioning gel, he can rub between his hands, the hair goes back into the rows as pictured with spiked casts heading in different directions.
This is a no serious, party time haircut that most men can wear. For ultimate hold, some gents like Ampro Pro Style Clear Ice Protein Styling Gel.
The reviews have been very good, as long as you keep your hands out of it after you have put it in your hair. The main thing is for you to get that perfect haircut. Think about your lifestyle and ask yourself if you want to take the time to blow dry your hair or to dab some gel in your palms like Asher and in a few minutes, you will be on your way to the party.
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