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Alexie Gilmore & Jennifer Morrison

Alexie Gilmore - 02/16/2009

Do Alexie Gilmore's eyes really look that blue or are they contacts? Our enquiring minds may never know. Her dark brown mahogany hair is cropped in lengthy layers that wind down in graceful idle waves and spindly ropes. The bangs are thickly pieced together that and set upon the brow line. Use a large round curling iron and spritz with gloss for this lush hairstyle.
Alexie has a crisp clean look with her makeup. She has a square shaped face and wears very little make up. Thin eyeliner, bit of shadow, mascara, barely a hint of pink on her cheeks and a neutral pink lip tint lends a natural presentation. Tip: When makeup is well blended such as Alexie's, attention will be towards your eyes and hair and others will barely notice the makeup.
Jennifer Morrison - 02/17/2009

Jennifer Morrison gives the impression of a natural beauty. Her hair has darker strips of caramel and brown throughout her long layers. With a center divide we can see the first two sections have been structured smoothly to lie around her face. The rest of the hair has been curled to wrestle around in curls and lazy curls below her shoulders. The black turtleneck sweater makes a good background for contrast with her blonde hair. Her makeup is wonderfully blended and this is what makes her look like a natural beauty. She is wearing lashes, mascara, touches of shadow, eyeliner, blush/bronze and a neutral lip tint to accommodate her gorgeous smile.