Eva Marcille's Hair with Fingerwaves

Eva Marcille - Short hairstyle with fingerwaves
Photo by PR Photos
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Let's get really excited. Waves are making a dynamic come back! If your hairstylist doesn't know how to do them, ask her to attend a class to learn and be among the first to lead the way.
Waves are feminine and soften a face. With Eva Marcille, there is a small quick part that allows for the large C-curl that is connected to the wave and centers onto her forehead, while the wave itself lies over her temple.
There are fingerwaves on the sides of her short hair that lie close to her head and above her ears with another curl winding over her ears and waves across the back with the bottom we can see flipping up. There is waving lotion you can purchase to try fingerwaves for yourself. Use a wide toothed comb as you go.
Eva Marcille - Short hair with waves
Eva's make-up has plenty of bronzing that warms her skin color, subtle brown shadows, light eyeliner, lashes and mascara, light bottom liner, blush/bronze, lip liner and a neutral lip tint. The only thing I would change would be to erase the lip liner.
Tip: think twice before you use lip liner, because it shows off your lips too much. Sometimes, this is the first thing people will look at, if you are wearing the liner. Better to use a lip brush and then blend it in with the rest of your color.
Eva Marcille with short waves hair
Photo by PR Photos
Eva Marcille
Photo by PR Photos
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