Eva Marcille's Short Haircut

Eva Marcille - Short shag haircut with length over the neckline
Photos by PR Photos
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Eva Marcille's deep exotic look mystifies us with her intrigue. We gaze into her wide brown eyes that match her golden brown skin and find that her eyes almost have specks of green in them and part of that is due to the make-up she is wearing. So neutral and natural!
Her hair is cut into a short shag haircut with the length falling over the neck line. The sides are cut to lie smoothly over her ears with the earlobes free to flamboyantly display her hoop earrings. The top is cut to ride over from a well hidden side part that balances the sides and blends into her forehead with motion.
The gray and white outfit and silver loops challenge her warm skin tones and bring a balancing approach to this conservative presentation.
Eva Marcille
Photo by PR Photos
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