Claire Danes' Hair

Claire Danes - Long hair with waves and curls
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Claire Danes has attractive warm beige blonde hair cut into long lengths that fall into idle dips with beautiful waves and large winding curls around her face.
If you want to be attractive, try a large round wave like Claire. Her guide begins with a scratchy part with the large dip over the cheek bone. The curve generously supplies a frame for her face.
There are several ways you can achieve the waves. One is to roll your hair with medium to large rollers, beginning from the top going under. Brush down and the waves should snap into the wave pattern and last all day long. Another way is to use a curling iron. Spritz gloss for sheen and spray for hold.
Smoky blue muted shadows blend in with the lighter hues that make up her eye make-up. Eyeliners circle her eyes, along with mascara. Simple light touches of pink that are just under her cheek bones and a transparent neutral lip tint bring her look together. A turquoise top is a good choice with her earrings, hair and eyes.
Claire Danes - Hair with large round waves
Photos by PR Photos
Claire Danes
Photo by PR Photos
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