Sienna Guillory's Hair

Sienna Guillory - Long hair with layers and curls
Photo by PR Photos
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Sienna Guillory has long layers with streaks of light browns and caramels sliced throughout her hair. There is an off center part that is the guide for the half way curls. A jumbo curling iron worked in medium sections will help master the technique of the idle curls.
I would like to put deeper waves in Sienna's hairstyle. A wave that dips over her high cheek bone to join up with the other lush waves. The other side would also have the deep waves around her face. The deeper set waves would make more of an impact with her eyes.
Sienna has one of those perfect shaped faces that we all yearn to have and she brings out her attractive eyes with light and smoky shadows, eyeliner, a few penciled brows, a very light neutral lip tint and blends of pink blush around her face.
She is wearing a gold satin blouse that is buttoned up close to her blue eyes. Normally, a gold blouse doesn't go well with blonde hair, in this case Sienna gets away with it, perhaps due to brown highlights in her hair and her blue eyes.
Sienna Guillory with long hair and half way curls
Photo by PR Photos
Sienna Guillory wearing a gold satin blouse
Photo by PR Photos