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Taraji P. Henson & Christina Applegate

Taraji P. Henson - 01/06/2009

Smooth and glossy projections of health come from Taraji P. Henson's hair resulting from blow drying her hair to go under and applying plenty of gloss for sheen. The manifested heavy bangs cover up the most of one eye, giving the appearance of heavy hair. The warm natural glow of bronzing and gold smudged eyeliner beneath her eyes is set apart from the dense eyeliner on the top of her lids. A barely there, lip tint extends a remarkable neutrality to Taraji's appearance.
Small dotted post earrings and a gold chained necklace give a finishing touch to her scooped neckline on her black dress.
Christina Applegate - 01/07/2009

Talented Christina Applegate is wearing her medium hair all one length with the exception of slanted textured angles along the sides. The top moves into a harmony greeting the angles together with the rest of the hair. Gold, lighter blonde and slices of light brown are developed into the color combination for Christina. The ends on her sides have also been established into a darker gold that frames her face above. Note her center part, how the beginning of a small section has been pulled over to ride into the opposite direction with the hair on the other side. This seems to be one of the latest hair fashion trends. It almost looks like a small half hair band.
Bold Christina likes to wear her make up and with ruby red lips, finished brows, lots of smoky shadows and plenty of bronzing and blush. Long droopy earrings match the jeweled straps on her black dress. In all, Christina is a very resplendent young woman who breeds good character wherever she walks.