Keri Russell's Hair with Curls

Keri Russell with naturally curly hair
Photo: Tinseltown/Shutterstock
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Keri Russell has the most enviable naturally curly hair if we were to see the normal wave pattern.
Going along with today's trend, her above the shoulders hair has been cut into long layers and straightened to get the proper alignment of dips and waves. Blonde ends are apparent and a few super thin slices of blonde and a lighter brown are positioned delicately throughout her hairstyle.
Keri's natural curly hair was smoothed out with either a large curling iron or a flat iron. The other option is permanently straightening her hair, until it grows out, much like the opposite effect of a permanent. Instead of getting curls, you get straight hair. In truth, girls with curls always have rings on their fingers and bounce when they walk! That is because, curls rule!
Keri Russell's above the shoulders hairstyle
Photo: Tinseltown/Shutterstock
Being true to herself, Keri has light translucent make-up with simple touches of blush, thin eyeliner and a reddish pink lip tint that bring out the seafoam color of her eyes. Keri strongly resembles older movie queen Lee Remick in her younger years. Not only was she very beautiful, but quite talented.
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