Rhona Mitra's Shoulder Length Hair

Rhona Mitra with shoulder length hair and side part
Photo by PR Photos
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Rhona Mitra gives room for the angled side part that we can see that brings her hair over into a heavy satiny charm.
If you have trouble making a slanted side part, take your comb and begin about 2.5 cm or 1 inch up from your hairline. Leave an inch of hair to go into the opposite direction as pictured with Rona.
Continue on with your comb into the angled movement. The inch of hair that Rona has left follows through with her side hair. The rest winds over taking a portion of the side of her face and curls under on the ends.
Light bronzing into the facial structure is filled with Rona's dimples upon her cheeks. Wouldn't you love to see her smile! Light blending of shadows, mascara and eyeliner completes her look, along with a translucent lip tint.
She is wearing a light speckled grey strapless gown, which makes you ready for the beach! For a dressier look we could put Ms Mitra's hair back with a few stray wisps and a thin platinum chain, earrings and headband to match. What a delightful look! Can you visualize it!
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