Danielle Panabaker's Hair

Danielle Panabaker - Long hairstyle with layers
Photo by PR Photos
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Danielle Panabaker's hair color falls under the category of a sun berry with pieces of gold flickering around a few ends. Her long layers have been shaped to have a smooth structure revealed in each section of curl that frames her face.
Note how her eyes are the same color as her hair! This is what hints of copper in your hair will do to your eyes! We can see the darker color of the reddish brown on the top and the graduation of the lighter color as you look down. Very attractive!
The blow drying and smoothing process can be an arduous amount of labor when you have so much hair. If you aren't into that sort of thing, but still like Danielle's hairstyle, why not have it cut to your shoulders instead? In this way, your hair will be more springy and easier to work with.
The hair color goes in conjunction with the neutral colors of her dress. Her make-up is a bit different with the light blue eye liner, as it is used as a bridge and does bring out the coppery tones in her brown eyes. Light pink lip tint is also a plus for the coppery look Danielle has embraced.
Danielle Panabaker
Photo by PR Photos
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