Brea Grant's Platinum Hair

Brea Grant - Short haircut with an angle along the sides
Photo by PR Photos
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Brea Grant is wearing the high lift hair color of white platinum and is full of plenty of pizzazz and it takes a lot of moxie to wear it!
Many times artists will like to wear the high platinum, because when they wear different colors, they are delighted by the contrast of the white and say, teal such as Brea is wearing in the photo.
Her short haircut is a subtle A-line bob with the back close to the nape of the neck with a slight angle along the sides. We can see a few textured lines in Brea's style, but most of the hair is straight.
In spite of the bold statement of her hair color, Brea's make-up is kept to a minimum with light shadow, eyeliner and a light neutral pink lip tint with just a touch of color on her cheeks. The drama of the bright teal dress with her light white platinum hair exposes a headline of fashion that is accessorized with the two thin long necklaces.
Brea Grant with white platinum hair in an A-line bob
Photo by PR Photos
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