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Gabrielle Anwar & Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Connelly - 12/09/2008

Jennifer Connelly entices us with her bewitching face and long straight dark hair that is angled around the sides. A candidly straight divide brings a true shadow of the flower generation in the sixties. The steely blue glow on her hair gives a striking contrast to the other warmer sections of her hair. Take note on the thick sections of hair that mass about her style, this is done with blow drying with gel and applying a heavy smoothing crème after the hair is dry.
Jennifer's make up portrays her as a natural beauty. Her thick brows convey a soft rich appearance usually not seen with thinner eyebrows. Tip: when you tweeze your brows, consider how they accentuate your eyes before going too thin and when you use a pencil always use light wispy strokes, never a hard line.
The dressy snowflake strapless that Jennifer is wearing is a good choice when you look at the color of her eyes, skin and dark hair. I might position a silver platinum thin chain around her neck.
Gabrielle Anwar - 12/10/2008

Gabriele Anwar seizes the wet look with her very long defined sections of hair that have been cut in layers. How can someone like that, look so good when they look like they've just come out of the rain? Were they born like that? Her layers are similar to lilted singsong waves that sort of dance around her head and homed below her shoulders. The secret to having a successful image like this is to obtain a body wave. When you take this photo into your hairstylist they will know exactly what to do with your texture of hair. I would like to encourage you to follow through with a change for next year.
Gabriele's make up is translucent and the epitome of a green organic look, her lip tint gives only a hint of color, her brows are tidy and ever so natural and there is a touch of blush/bronze that gives her a true pioneer spirit.
There is a light grey scarf between the medium grey that are both nestled around her turtle neck of a darker grey. Grey neutralizes any unwanted brassiness in the skin or hair tones. Grey worn the right way, equalizes class!