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Jennie Garth & Gillian Anderson

Jennie Garth - 12/04/2008

Jennie Garth is wearing the trendy bob that is cut tightly along the nape and angled down to give a slant around the sides. With a lovely side part, and a few stray bangs that are combed over to the side, the whole look brings even a more youthful appearance to an already young Jennie. Use a round brush to tilt the hair under and for the connection in the front.
The light mint green dress Jennie is wearing flatters her blonde color and neutralizes any unwanted brassiness, if there would be any. The green also brings out her eyes to be a deeper and brighter blue. Her lip tint is a pastel light pink. Her overall image relays a spring like wholesomeness. Very fresh and new.
Gillian Anderson - 12/05/2008
Gillian Anderson - Messy long hairstyle with layers
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Gillian Anderson poses for a most memorable picture with her burnt cinnamon blonde/brown hair that has been cut into long layers to get the fluff we see that falls into lazy winding waves below her neckline. Judging from her new growth shown in her slight off center part, her color is probably brought up about three levels or so. Just take your large hot rollers and quickly roll your hair up in medium to large sections. When set, comb out and brush up a little bit with your hands to get the messy look we see in the photo.
Her make up is neutrally transparent with only hints of blush, a natural flair of lip tint and a light line of eye liner. Gillian's make up has been done so well, she could pose as having her haircolor be ala natural!