Olivia Munn's Hair

Olivia Munn - Long hairstyle with a natural flow
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Olivia Munn exudes exotic charm with her long dark hair. The natural flow of an off-centered part enhances the neutrality of her image. A large semi-cut wave rounds off to cascade back over her hair on the sides. Her hair coils and waves around her shoulders, creating an elegant frame for her face.
She wears a delightful scarf around her neck, complementing the color in her facial tones. Olivia understands the importance of color close to her face! Her makeup is impeccably natural and attractive.
Olivia's face shape falls somewhere between oval and round. Trimming her hair just above the chin line to form a couple of wide C-curls could help slim her face slightly.
Visualize angling a finger from the ear to the chin to see what I mean. Another option would be to give her wavy layers that gather around her face.
Olivia Munn with long dark hair and wearing a scarf
Photo by PR Photos
Olivia Munn's hair with an off centered part
Photo by PR Photos
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