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Olivia Munn & Taylor Swift

Olivia Munn - 12/02/2008

Olivia Munn with long dark hair and wearing a scarf Olivia Munn brings a stroke of exotic charm with her long dark hair. The natural flow an off centered part enhances the neutrality of her image. A large semi cut wave rounds off to go back over her hair that is on the sides. Her hair on the sides lies in coils and waves that brush around her shoulders.
She is wearing a delightful scarf around her neck that cultivates the color in her facial tones! Olivia has learned the secret of color and how important it is to have it close to her face! The make up she is wearing is impeccably natural and attractive.
Olivia has a face that is somewhere between oval and round. If she were to clip her hair just above the chin line to form a couple of wide c curls, it could slim out her face a little bit. If you take one of your fingers and angle it from the ear to the chin; you should see what I mean. Another possibility would be to give her wavy layers that would be gathered around her face.
Taylor Swift - 12/03/2008

Taylor Swift with curls below her shoulders As we can see by Taylor Swift's new growth that she has natural blonde hair! Some of us would look like a skunk or an oreo cookie if we were to allow our hair to grow out. The first top of her layered hair is smoothed over into a delightful wave and settles into one end of her eye. After the smooth wave, the fun begins when both sides fall into the curls below her shoulders.
This particular hairstyle is almost like wearing a smooth hat on the top to allow for the dramatic entrance of the coils. That is what it is all about in show biz! The drama of smooth hair introducing a pile of lush kinky curls! If you are looking for attention, this hairstyle will be sure to get plenty of glances when you walk into a room. Taylor's hairstylist opted to give her small sections of curls so her hairstyle would have more pizzazz and staying power.
Taylor's eyeliner is a throw back from the sexy sixties with the Cleopatra lines. Note the scrumptious color of her purple violet dress! Purple or violet is definitely coming to the forefront. So all you purple violet lovers like myself, will be able to find your favorite color more easily at the stores. Violet is definitely a brain color!