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Rihanna & Naomi Watts

Rihanna - 11/23/2008

Rihanna's short haircut with a long crown Rihanna tops the list of artistry in the true sense of the word, as she likes variety in her haircuts and isn't afraid to try something new. We can see in her past photos how she has worked her way up to this short clip with the tight tapper in the back that goes up quite high and graduates with the longer crown and the longer top. Once you jump in there and get the cut, it will be a quick fix!
Blow dry your hair to go over to the one side as pictured. Take your medium curling iron and wrap into the same direction. Brush out and allow the waves and curls to fall into the spots they were formed with that large showy curl that wraps around her temple. Her facial make up has touches of drama as Rihanna probably considers her face like a canvas and with the exaggerated eyeliner, I can't imagine anyone who can wear it as well as she does!
Naomi Watts - 11/24/2008

Pregnant Naomi Watts wearing a high turtleneck collar Grey is so in vogue, and with the light speckled grey over more grey that Naomi Watts is wearing with her high collar; is sheer excitement! The grey actually helps neutralize any unwanted brassy gold that she might not favor in her blonde hair. The scribbled centered part is a good illustration, that portrays she is dressed well, but still with a touch of informality. Pregnant Naomi chose to wear her hair in a straight relaxed structure that lies effortlessly in lengths.
Your flat iron is a handy tool to use with generous portions of smoothing crème afterwards while you tuck your hair behind your ears. Tip: Simplicity is the trick! In make-up and hair and you can dress it up like Naomi did with small earrings and conservative apparel. Then, when you get home from your outing and slip back into your jeans! Talk about fast!