Rihanna's Pixie Cut

Rihanna with her hair cut up high in the back
Photo by PR Photos
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Rihanna tops the list of artistic expression in every sense, as she embraces variety in her hairstyles and isn't afraid to try something new.
In her past photos, we've seen her journey leading up to this short pixie cut with a tight taper in the back, rising quite high and graduating with longer sections at the crown and top. Once you commit to the cut, it's a quick transformation!
To achieve her look, blow dry your hair to sweep over to one side as pictured. Then, use a medium curling iron to curl it in the same direction. Brush out the curls and let them fall naturally, creating those beautiful waves around the temples..
Rihanna's facial makeup adds a touch of drama, as she treats her face like a canvas. Her exaggerated eyeliner is iconic. I can't imagine anyone wearing it as flawlessly as she does!
Rihanna's short pixie haircut with a long crown
Photo by PR Photos
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