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Rihanna & Anna Kournikova

Celebration of Rihanna's new album "Good Girl" - 06/03/2007

Rihanna - angled bob haircut        Striking celebrity Rihanna is wearing her hair in the classic dutch boy (bob) hairstyle. The bangs are tweaked bluntly and placed just above the top of her eyelid. The back can be cut in a various of ways to achieve this look, but most importantly is cut up into a higher dimension than the sides. The sides are slowly angled longer, as you continue to approach the chin. The coal back color is extremely becoming on our girl, and if you are asking if this is a wig, the chances are a definite 75% positive.
This is an extremely neat and polished look. You would be able to wear an old sack dress and still look great in this style. No matter what you would wear, you would look outstanding with this design.
22nd Annual Sports Spectacular
Anna Kournikova's long blonde hair Anna Kournikova - Chest length blonde hair
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       We have all seen this Anna Kournikova play tennis and how she has excelled in her sport. She usually wears her hair up in braids when she is on the court. Now, we are seeing the other side of Anna, as her long pale blonde hair flows way past her shoulders. Her style is beset with an off centered part with the heavier section brushed over with a pouf and falling into the rest of her hair, with gentle waves. This look was achieved with either hot rollers or a medium sized curling iron. With the smooth look in the back, the only areas that were rolled, were the top and sides. This is a high maintenance hair color, and this should always be considered, when you are thinking about going blonde. Just for the record, think about how good her pale blonde hair looks, next to her red dress! What would Anna look like in a blonde dutch boy wig, in her red dress? Can you see it?