Lindsay Hartley's Hair

Lindsay Hartley with long angled hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Lindsay Hartley wears her long hair angled along both of the sides to curl toward one another.
The underside of her hair is interestingly a darker brown, which is probably her natural color as it corresponds with the new growth that we can see in her centered part. There is always the possibility Lindsey could be wearing extensions or hair pieces to connect with this hairstyle.
Plenty of spritzing for styling and a long tedious blow dry are in demand with the final touch of either a jumbo curling iron or your flat iron to gather the smooth image we see in the photo. Unless you decide to position either hot rollers or conventional rollers, that would save you a world of labor.
Experiment with your hair. When you do this you will see just how much you can do for yourself and you won't know until you try something different.
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