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Taylor Cole & Ashley Greene

Taylor Cole - 2008/11/14
Taylor Cole wearing her hair styled away from her face Taylor Cole with her hair brushed back
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Taylor Cole is showing off her apple cheeks and her pretty eyes with all of her hair brushed back and away from her face. Even her top goes back and gently over to one side and fixed to the rest of her hair. Her hair appears to have a blunt cut that is growing out and touches her shoulders. The natural brown color connects well with her facial tones and she can wear those large earrings with her hair back. Warm bronzing, neutral lip tint and impeccable eyebrows with deep liner for her eyes sets Taylor's look onstage. We can also see how well she looks good in red; in fact red must be her color!
Now, if we could just get it a little bit closer to her face, she would look even better! Let's experiment and put her hair up in a twist while we are reorganizing a little bit. No tendrils out, everything continues to be tucked safely away. The next step is to place a medium sized three to five strand silver and ruby necklace around our girl. Can you see it in your eye's view? Take off the large black round earrings which are nice, but let's put on some round silver loops with studded rubies to match with the necklace on her neck. Taylor looks good, but she could look superb!
Ashley Greene - 2008/11/15

Ashley Greene with long hair fastened in loose sections Ashley Greene is wearing super long layered hair that is fastened in loose sections that are brushed and placed individually in the back. A slight divide in the top regulates her bangs to dip around the frame of her face.
The lovely brown hair color that Ashley keeps portrays a natural hue reminiscent of the many of the flower generation at that time. Her make up is neutral with warm earthy tones and goes exceptionally well with her medium skin and violet dress.