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Tava Smiley's Hair Styles

Tava Smiley in 2003 & 2004.
Tava Smiley is wearing her wheat colored hair in long layers on her top with an irregular part and the rest of the hair has been bluntly cut all one length. After the hair has been blown completely dry, the use of a smoothing lotion was most likely applied to control the cuticle and achieve the fullness required for this style. This is a simple style that can be dressed up when worn in an updo.
Tava Smiley - Simple one length hairstyle
Haircut with flipping out hair ends - Tava Smiley
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Tava's next picture called for a most definite razor cut to attain the jagged wisps that are gathered together and flipping out. There has been a good four to five inches of hair that has come off for this look. Her irregular part is still prominent and you can see a cowlick on the one side that makes her hair lift up a bit. Very attractive.
Both hairstyles are the close to the face however the second one, it isn't as long, nor as thick and instead of hanging down; it is springing out from the face. Which looks the finest to you? The first picture is pleasant. The second picture seems more alive and magnetic. What do you think? Look at the faces and the backgrounds in the pictures. Hands down, the second picture is best.
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