Jamie Carson's Haircut

Jamie Carson with collar length hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Jamie Carson has rich ink black hair that is cuffed around the neck or collar in custom designer lengths with a trendy crooked top section and smooth swatch bangs that transcend along the silhouette of her face.
The secret of this yummy hairstyle is not to copy this image without getting the haircut first! It just won't work for you! After your haircut, apply your favorite spritzing and begin to practice with your large round brush and blow dryer. Take the small sections from the bottom, pulling the hair out to the ends while drying. Your aim is to get the smoothest look possible.
If you happen to have naturally wavy or curly hair, this will be one of the most challenging moments in your lifetime. Be sure and buy gel for straightening power. Watch how your hairdresser does it and take mental notes and when the time is right, try it for yourself.
Just remember, if the weather gets humid or if it rains, what was once straight will once again return to curl. That isn't a bad thing, unless you think it is bad.
Jamie Carson's trendy hairstyle with swatch bangs
Photo by PR Photos
Jamie Carson
Photo by PR Photos
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