Shag that Covers the Neck

James Maslow with his hair in a shag
Photo by PR Photos
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James Maslow was among the attractive gents to attend the "Planet 51" Los Angeles Premiere on November 14, 2009.
He keeps his hair cropped in a short shag that covers his neck in the back and rides over his ears on the sides. The top has a small quick part and is short enough to pouf over his head and go over the one side of his forehead.
His haircolor is lifted up about 3 shades lighter than his normal darker brown with a few lighter streaks amassed throughout his style.
His hairstyle would be quite easy for anyone to keep and would be considered low maintenance. Just a simple shampoo, conditioner and styling gel to use when blow drying and you are finished in a few minutes. Everything depends upon the texture of your hair, as there are men who wouldn't need to blow dry with this perfect haircut.
James Maslow - Long shag haircut for men
Photo by PR Photos
American Crew products have good results. Crew has a good selection and I've never heard anything adverse about their products. If you have been searching for something that will firmly hold your hair, consider Matrix. Men use just about everything that women use today to groom themselves. We may as well spread the wealth around and share our secrets to those gents who would benefit.
Looks like James is wearing a striped vest over his black shirt complete with a silver chained necklace around his neck.
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