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Short Grey Hair

Jamie Lee Curtis with silver hair on March 23rd 2007 and now we've seen it all! And, doesn't she look absolutely smashing, as she seems to have one of those perfect faces that doesn't need much hair surrounding her frame. Doesn't this prove, that grey hair is hot, hot, hot folks? If the truth be made known, I have seen more loveliness on silver heads, than not.
Jamie is wearing her typical Jamie haircut that is completely styled for her personality, super short layered and clipped up in the back and around her ears. Her bangs lay with about two and one-half inches of hair and they could be the longest part on her head, as our celebrity likes a little pouf. To get pouf, you must have short layers so the hair will fluff up.
This style is a no fuss, no muss hairstyle. With this look, you can eat popcorn on the sofa while you are in your pajamas and look good every minute. Although, you may not travel like our star Ms. Curtis does.
Jamie Lee Curtis - Short no fuss hairstyle Jamie Lee Curtis super short layered hairstyle Jamie Lee Curtis wearing a white dress
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