Heather Morris' Top Knot Hairdo

Top knot hairdo - Heather Morris
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Actress, dancer, singer, model, wife, and mom… Heather Morris does it all. Including embracing the latest top knot trend. The top knot was a popular hairstyle in the 18th century but, like most things, it has since come back around. Mrs. Morris definitely has the perfect 21st-century spin on this hot hair trend.
If you want to jump aboard the top knot craze, it’s important not only to part the hair evenly on each side but also to part it in the right spot. To do this, use the mirror to observe where the arch of your brow is. Now, follow that up to the hairline; then use a rat tail comb to make a straight part back. Repeat this step for the opposite side of the scalp as well.
Next, braid the top section from the bangs area back to the crown area and then create the knot: simply make a ponytail and don’t pull the hair all the way through so it creates the knot. Voila! The best part about this urban chic style is that it’s cool without requiring great effort. Perfect for a woman who does it all!
Heather Morris wearing her hair in a top knot
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Heather Morris hairstyles
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Heather Morris wearing a flowered skirt and a high collar top
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