Kristanna Loken's Hair

Kristanna Loken's long hair and widows peak
Photo by PR Photos
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Kristanna Loken has long taffy beige hair worn in a simple off centered style that easily reveals her attractive widows peak. Widow's peaks are so coveted that a few zealous souls manage to draw them on their forehead. No, I am not exaggerating.
Kristanna's hair has been gently blown and brushed with the sides behind her ears and the rest of the hair flowing below her shoulders. She appears to be wearing one of the trendiest colors out today in the many shades of orange. Orange pumpkin suede, how fun is that!
The orange color places some warmth in her hair and magnifies the beige. Her skin color is normally a very milky white but with the orange definitely sets off her blush and deposits more color.
Tip: Color can be fun when you begin to experiment. While some complexions will wash and fade out into a shallow color when holding a yellow garment next to the face, others will break their ruddy color or too much pinkness and neutralize the skin tones. Or if you happen to have a shallow color on the outside, yet have pink undertones; wearing a pink or rose colored shirt will do away with the shallowness and bring out your needed pinkness.
Many times we do not know what we look good in and that is when we can recruit some help from our "so honest, it hurts" friends. Or, just ask your children, they will always tell you the truth, even when you do not want to hear it.
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