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Elegant Long Hair

Sexy model and actress Kristanna Loken showed a youthful and fresh look at an industry event on May 13th, 2004. The blue of the satin blouse made her eyes shine even brighter and her long hair provided a soft golden frame for her face.
The hair was simple but elegant. Parted on the side the long tresses glided down below her shoulders where they were cut in a straight line. Beautiful long hair does not need much to be a showstopper.
The only embellishment to Kristanna's hair on the day were the highlights and lowlights, distributed evenly small strands throughout the hair, that provided more dimension and interesting reflections of light.
Kristanna Loken's hair for a fresh and youthful look Kristanna Loken wearing a blue satin blousse Kristanna Loken with elegant long hair Kristanna Loken's hair color with highlights and lowlights The effect of the sun on Kristanna Loken's hair
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