Andie MacDowell

American model and actress Andie MacDowell was born April 21st, 1958. In the eighties Andie modeled for Vogue and we could see her in ad campaigns for Yves Saint Laurent, Armani, Anna Klein and Bill Blass. More recently we've seen her in television and print advertising for L'Oréal.
photo of Andie MacDowell long rolling curls sexy long hair with curls
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As a true Southern Belle Andie knows how to boost the power of her hair to its full potential, which means volume and more volume. It is surely no coincidence why she became a spokes model for a major line of hair care products.
Andie was born with luxurious hair, lots of it that many women would kill for. Thick, dark and curly it might be hard to control at times, but the extra effort she has to tame her wild texture is well worth it.
Andie has a square face with a distinct jaw. Her curly mane softens the lines of her face as long as the hair is close to it and not pulled back. To tone down the overwhelming mass of her hair, Andie has been using various straightening techniques and looks especially happy and "put together" with long, sleek and slightly curved layers that have a tapered edge and fun wispy tips.
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