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Salma Hayek & Mary Alice Stephenson

Salma Hayek - 2008/11/09

Salma Hayek - Formal hairstyle with curls along the back A class act, Salma Hayek poses with a dark jeweled multiple stringed bands around her head that is similar to pictures of a Greek goddess. Her hair has been fashioned into an updo with the sides fastened back with the curls along the back. If this looks like you, roll your hair all over in conventional medium rollers away from the face. Brush generously when dry, then take your wide toothed comb and run through your hair and allow curling up where it desires. The fun part is when you put that hair band on for the finishing touch!
Dark hair and a stunning white dress with drop jeweled earrings, is this smashing or what! A tri-chain necklace is possible, but on the other hand it could be a bit too much when we consider the silver accessory on her dress and another thing to think about is the way the top hangs in a slanted design. A necklace might over throw the appearance of the whole style with the slant of the dress and the circle of the necklace. They might not mesh together. The wine color lip tint goes well with her complexion and the rest of her make up.
Mary Alice Stephenson - 2008/11/09 & 2008/11/13
Mary Alice Stephenson - Medium length blonde hairstyle Neckline covering blunt haircut - Mary Alice Stephenson
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Mary Alice Stephenson has her glossy blonde hair shaped in a medium length blunt edge that completely covers her lengthy neckline. With no bangs and an off centered part we can easily see the shine in both photo shots. The difference between the snapshots is the colors she is wearing and how it affects her skin tones and the color of her hair. In the first photo she is wearing a lovely white dress that appears to wash her out a bit, as it whiten with her skin. The lighting could also be a contributing factor of her whiteness.
The only method of salvation in that picture is the dark strip of color that circles around the neckline of her sweater and extends some color. Next and looking more colorful, we look at her in the blue dress; although the large cross combined with the slanted neckline is an unusual combination, the following photo brings the more needed warmth to her skin tones.