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Hair Pulled Back in a High Ponytail

Supermodel Heidi Klum brightened up the American Music Awards on January 13th, 2003. Her colorful blue, turquoise and pink dress worked great with her tan and brought a lot of sunshine with it. Heidi sports a warrior princess hairstyle that shows all it's elaborate finesse from the side.
A high ponytail was created by tightly pulling back the sides, but adding volume and a twist to the top portion. What makes for a great silhouette from the side is a little unusual from the front where one only sees and extraordinarily high and puffy crown and a couple of short tendrils on the sides.
Heidi Klum sporting a warrior princess up-style Heidi Klum with her hair pulled back Heidi Klum wearing her hair in a high ponytail Heidi Klum wearing a colorful short dress
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