Natalie Imbruglia's Short Blonde Hair

Blonde Natalie Imbruglia
Photo by PR Photos
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The first thing we notice about Natalie Imbruglia is her big blue eyes and the next thing is her short blonde hair that brings her eyes to the forefront!
Her hairstyle is formed into perky and saucy layers that coast up along the nape of her neck with defined lines circling around the sides that are cut just over the ears. The top is combed over to the side with easy splays of hair that rest just above her brows.
Natalie's hairstyle is quick and easy to do, just apply your favorite setting lotion and blow dry quickly as you use your brush. When dry, spray gloss.
Take a good look at the glamour of Natalie's eye make-up, the color of her lip tint and the breathtaking red colored dress that is situated close to her face! Consider using this photo as a good role model of what color does for you when it is near your face.
Natalie Imbruglia with short blonde hair
Photo by PR Photos
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