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Natalie Imbruglia & Mena Suvari

Natalie Imbruglia - 10/23/2008

Natalie Imbruglia with short blonde hair The first thing we notice about Natalie Imbruglia is her big blue eyes and the next thing is her short blonde hair that brings her eyes to the forefront! Her hairstyle is formed into pert and saucy layers that coast up along the nape of her back with defined lines circling around the sides that are clipped just over the ears. The top is combed over to the side with easy splays of hair that rest just above her brows. Natalie's hairstyle is quick and easy to do, just apply your favorite setting lotion and blow dry quickly as you use your brush. When dry, spray gloss.
Take a good look at the glamour of Natalie's eye make up, the color of her lip tint and the breathtaking red colored dress that is situated close to her face! Consider using this photo as a good role model of what color does for you when it is near your face.
Mena Suvari - 10/30/2008

Bob with boxed bangs - Mena Suvari Mena Suvari's hair is edged bluntly around the back for a bob which circles around to the sides with a few angling fringes. The bangs are severely boxed and tipping her brows that frame around her eyes. Her color is a high lift color similar to platinum beige. A diffuser is probably used to accomplish this hairstyle because of the porosity of Mena's hair.
Generous amounts of moisturizering leave in conditioners and styling lotions become law when you have heavy duty colored hair, because tinting robs your hair of the much needed moisture that contributes to a healthy head of hair. Just as you put on body cream to keep your skin from drying, you should do likewise for your hair.