Jennifer Love Hewitt's Hair

Jennifer Love Hewitt's hair in a ponytail updo
Photo by PR Photos
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Jennifer Love Hewitt resembles Eva Longoria. In fact she could be her sister. It has to be the face shape and her smiling eyes. She is wearing all her hair pulled back and fastened in the crown to allow a cascade of coiled curls to cover her nape.
Jennifer has a long swan like neck and is quite clever to wear a turtleneck type of collar and to style her hair in a ponytail updo. The violet blue color does marvelous things for the color of her eyes, hair and skin tones.
And can you believe she isn't wearing any jewelry either? Large jewelry would only overwhelm her petite elfin face. Small post earrings would be more suitable.
Jennifer Love Hewitt's hair pulled back and fastened into the crown
Photo by PR Photos
Tip: If you feel that you have too much face and too much body, another way you can minimize this is by wearing large jewelry. Test this by trying on a large jeweled necklace the next time you go shopping. You will see an immediate difference.
Large earrings will lessen the amount of chunkiness in your face and increase the prettiness. The opposite applies to those who need a little bit more flesh. Wear thin, small jewelry and you will appear more "beefy."
Jennifer Love Hewitt wearing a turtleneck top
Photo by PR Photos
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