Jennifer Love Hewitt's Hair

Jennifer Love Hewitt's hair in a ponytail updo
Photo by PR Photos
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Jennifer Love Hewitt bears a striking resemblance to Eva Longoria; they could pass for sisters, perhaps due to their similar face shapes and radiant, smiling eyes. Jennifer wears her hair pulled back and secured at the crown, allowing a cascade of coiled curls to drape over her nape.
With her long, swan-like neck, Jennifer cleverly opts for a turtleneck collar and a ponytail updo. The violet-blue color of her attire works wonders for enhancing the tones of her eyes, hair, and skin.
Surprisingly, Jennifer isn't wearing any jewelry. This decision is wise, as large jewelry would only overwhelm her petite, elfin face. Instead, small post earrings would be more suitable.
Jennifer Love Hewitt's hair pulled back and fastened into the crown
Photo by PR Photos
Tip: If you feel that you have too much face or body, consider using jewelry to balance your proportions. Large jewelry can minimize excess facial or body volume, while small jewelry can add delicacy and enhance facial features. Experiment with different styles to find what works best for you.
Wearing large earrings can reduce the appearance of roundness in your face and enhance your overall attractiveness. Conversely, for those who desire a fuller look, opting for thin, small jewelry can create a more substantial appearance.
Jennifer Love Hewitt wearing a turtleneck top
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