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Kimberly Caldwell & Shirly Brener

Kimberly Caldwell - 09/21/2008

Kimberly Caldwell - Easy to fix hairstyle Kimberly Caldwell shows off her silver rose ring as she sports plenty of chutzpah with her short layered hairstyle. Endless pliant angles are displayed around her face and touching her neck. Pieced bangs are placed into selective positions with sexy snippets that dip over the brows.
Ms. Caldwell's hairstyle is an easy fix if you happen to be searching for something lighter and shorter, but not too short with very little bulk. The spritzing of a light styling lotion before blow drying will help set the style in place. Use a flat iron if you desire less bulk and apply a moisturizing smoothing serum to calm the ends down from the blow dry.
Shirly Brener - 09/21/2008
Shirly Brener wearing her hair in a semi bob Easy to fix hairstyle - Shirly Brener
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Shirly Brener models a platinum beige semi bob that appears to have small micro stacked layers on the very ends while it just brushes around her neckline. Easy as pie to fix, when you have the right cut! Spritz your lotion throughout your hair and begin to blow dry getting the dampness out while lifting up with your hands. When dry, section off the side panel and comb through the hairstyle allowing the hair to tilt under as pictured just a bit. Spray gloss for sheen.