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Julianne Moore & Carol Alt

Julianne Moore - 09/06/2008

Julianne Moore's long layered hair with flippy ends Julianne Moore has the very fair freckled toned skin of a redhead and chances are, every time she gets in the sun she burns. Not fun by a long shot! Her hair color ranges from a light warm brown with hints of red in it and she could have been a strawberry red/blonde when she was a child, but as time would have it, she is replacing the melanin that is lost when grey hair makes its entrance. The color choice is a good one because it looks very natural on her and isn't harsh or exaggerated but inclined to be soft and go well with the facial structures she has and her attractive green eyes.
The cut is a simple long layered clip, parted in the center with flippy ends scouting about here and there. A large round brush will assist your styling venture with this smooth coif. My personal taste for Ms. Moore would be to edge her hair measured up to her chin line and give her a structured angled bob. With her oval face she could wear anything. Take your first three fingers and hold them over the ends of her hair in the second photo up to the chin. Do you like it? Does she look younger? It is amazing what a small snip will do for a person.
Carol Alt - 09/09/2008

Carol Alt wearing a dress, nylons and boots Wearing a ruffle of layered curls and waves Carol Alt is a picture of health with golden reddish tones throughout her hair. A high sectioned part begins her style with carefree bangs that fall over her brows on each side of her temples. Her hairstyle is reminiscent of the gypsy haircut that would lie way past the shoulders in bouncing curls and waves.
To have this type of image, use a curling, spiral iron, hot rollers or regular rollers. I opt for the regular rollers without heat if you have the time and when you take them down your style will last for at least a couple of days, depending upon the texture of your hair. If you have thinner texture than Carol's give some thought to a perm and see what your hairstylist suggests and be sure to take this photo with you. Give special attention to how blue her eyes look that contrast with the red in her hair! Yo Carol!