Christina Ricci's Hair with Bangs

Christina Ricci - Youthful hairstyle with bangs that touch the eyebrows
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Chestnut brown hair is most appealing when it is worn with a youthful flavor, like Christina Ricci. Her bangs tip her eyebrows in a light textured manner and angle just a small way upon her temples mixing in with the few thin tendrils along the sides.
A ponytail never looked so good with the brilliancy of her bright orange shirt that helps bring out the amber in her eyes. A most unusual combination is the glittering grey eye shadow that covers the bottom eye lid and a light warm shadow upon the top lid.
Her eyebrows are neatly tweezed and there is light eyeliner, lashes and mascara with a light tawny pink lip color that captures her winning smile.
Christina Ricci wearing her chestnut brown hair in a ponytail
Photo by PR Photos
Christina Ricci
Photo by PR Photos
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