Shannen Doherty's Hair

Shanne Doherty with long layered hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Shannen Doherty likes to keep her hair in long layers and quite dark and I have to say it looks really good with her silk red dress. Silk is ultra light to wear, but at the same time can be a bit hot at times.
The contrast between Shannen's light complexion and dark brunette hair speaks volumes with her heavily lined light bluish turquoise eyes and light touch of color on her lips.
If she really wanted to look different and stand completely out from the crowd, this is what I would do with Shannen's hair. Bring it all back with the exception of a few pixie type bangs. Braid the lower section in the back around to hug the nape and intertwine them around each other with a few Aztec beads.
She has a good round crown and could wear this successfully. Perhaps leave a few slight tendrils along the sides to match the bangs and with the same dress and add some Aztec earrings, necklace and maybe even a bracelet. All of this would definitely set Shannen's style apart from her peers.
Shannen Doherty wearing a silk red dress
Photo by PR Photos
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