Carrie Preston's Hair with Ringlets

Carrie Preston - Medium long hair with spiraled ringlets
Photo by PR Photos
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Long layered sections of Carrie Preston's medium-length hair are finely sectioned and styled into spiraled ringlets. Some have been wound back, while others wind down toward her face. The curls vary, with some being loose and others tight. Even the bangs are in tight ringlets.
Delicate rays of gold, blonde, and light browns bring attention to the spontaneous highlights that are crafted into a medium length that brushes the collar. Use a small or medium-sized curling or spiral iron to style. If you desire a more permanent hairstyle, use rollers after getting a perm.
Light, realistic fair tones of foundation accompany Carrie's eyeliner and the peachy/coral lip tint that complements her lovely smile.
Carrie Preston with curled hair
Photo by PR Photos
Carrie Preston
Photo by PR Photos
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