Charlize Theron's Long Hair

Charlize Theron with her long smooth hair combed to one side
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Browns, gold, and blonde strips of smooth, heavy hair are combed over to one side, taking control over Charlize's one eye. The long smooth hair can be achieved by using a flat iron all around the head.
There are several sizes of flat irons to choose from when you decide to buy. Some prefer the smaller widths, while others prefer the larger and heavier tools. Use a large curling iron on the side that dips over the eye. The other side has been brushed behind the ear, with the upper section styled over.
Charlize Theron wears a natural baby pinkish lip tint and bronze on her cheekbones. Smoky shadow is on the upper lid and also smudged along under the lower lashes. Mascara and a small amount of eyeliner complement her small gold earrings and beautiful gown. A sign of completeness is light makeup with pretty accessories.
Charlize Theron
Photo by PR Photos
Side and back view of Charlize Theron's lonog hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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