Eva Longoria's Long Bob

Eva Longoria's long shoulder length bob hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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Eva Longoria's lovely smile always captures every heart wherever she goes and get a load of her new hairstyle!
She wears a long bob that is resting on her shoulders. Instead of the usual threads of coils, we are seeing a smooth pageboy type of hairstyle and this looks quite good on Eva. Notice how thick it makes her hair appear?
Everything is in the haircut! Her bangs are growing along side her face to eventually meet her ends with a very slight dip of a wave. Looking good Eva!
In fact, when it is time for you to get your trim, ask your stylist to cut your hair about two inches shorter and you will look every bit more glamorous.
Eva Longoria - Haircut that makes your hair appear thicker
Photo by PR Photos
Eva Longoria's long bob haircut
Photo by PR Photos
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